Gimmick Motorsports Subaru Radiator Hose kit

Gimmick Motorsports
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This is the perfect compliment to our Inlet Pipe and MAF Tubes and the perfect color match too! Tired of paying insane prices for the "other" silicon radiator hoses on the market. Well, so are we.

These silicon radiator hoses are made to the highest standards just like our inlets and MAF tubes and are designed to fit your car and your wallet the way they are supposed to. The superior construction and thick design prevents them from collapsing or expanding and allow much greater flow than the factory units. The superior design means improved reliability, better cooling system performance and less maintinence requirements down the road. Combine a set with one of our Fail-Safe thermostats to complete the cooling system upgrade! What more can one ask for when buying parts for their performance machine. Available in red, black and blue silicon.

All Gimmick Motorsports parts come with a limited lifetime guarantee. Aftermarket performance products are designed and sold for off road use only. Will fit any Subaru WRX 2002, 2004+ STI as well as Forester XT and Legacy GT

Gimmick Motorsports